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Weight Loss Exercise – Your Workout Schedule to Lose Weight – informationspot

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Let us be quite clear right at the very beginning. The best way of achieving weight loss and keeping it off on a long term basis is to do it slowly so that the body can get the time to adjust to the changes thrust upon it through newly formed eating habits and rigid cardiovascular exercises.

Here Is A Workout Schedule That Can aid You Lose Those Excess Pounds

Going to the gym is a great idea to lose your extra weight. Simply put, to lose weight, you have to spend more calories than you are getting from the food you eat. But the problem is, given the modern day lifestyle, most of us hardly do any manual job and so, we run the risk of losing fewer calories than we are putting in. Your gym workout session can aid you burn those excess calories, and because of this you end up losing weight.

When you are in a gym and are preparing to start off, do the following:

  • Stretch the body so that it gets prepared for activity, which includes side stretches, hamstrings, toe touching, etc.
  • Spend 10 minutes on the cycle (easy pace) – 1 minute rest – 10 minutes on rowing – 1 minute rest or any other exercise machine of your choice.
  • When having weights, do 10 repetitions with light manageable weights. Take rest for 30 seconds and then repeat the performance twice with rests as mentioned earlier.
  • It may be more advisable to stick to cycling, rowing or stepper type machines as against a treadmill, since it puts plenty of strain on the leg joints, namely the heels, ankle and the knee.
  • Cool down at the end of the program (averaging 40 minutes)

You should always remember that it is quite important to warm up before starting any exercise program, and you should also cool down after it is over. This will ensure that you do not suffer from soreness or tenderness of the muscles. Moreover, this practice keeps the muscles and the ligaments supple, thus minimizing the chances of muscle tear during the workout.

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