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Top 3 Weight Loss Exercises – informationspot

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Finding weight loss tools can be challenging, so it is vital to choose exercises that can be completed on a consistent basis and that will be enjoyable in order to maintain the exercise over time. Here are our top 3 weight loss exercises in no particular order:

Walking is the most common weight loss exercise. It requires no equipment, just your willingness and a place to walk. Walking can be done during any season of the year and in virtually any location. A brisk walk places minimal impact on your joints, yet enough to encourage healthy bones assisting in the prevention of conditions such as osteoporosis. Although dependent on your weight and your pace, walking can burn between 75-140 calories per mile on average.

The next of our top 3 weight loss exercises is cycling. Cycling can be done indoors or outside, depending on the environment you prefer. Cycling in a controlled environment such as a gym or a flat paved trail contributions minimal impact to bones and joints. The caloric burn is usually higher than walking. For example, a person who weighs approximately 180 pounds and cycles at a moderate pace for 30 minutes will burn around 300 calories.

Swimming as an aerobic activity places the least stress on joints. Swimming is typically done in the confines of a health-fitness/”>fitness gym pool. This exercise may require prior instruction for proper technique, but it provides a high level of cardiovascular health-fitness/”>fitness. For a person who weighs 180 pounds approximately 275 calories can be burned in 30 minutes of moderate freestyle swimming.

These are our choices for the top 3 weight loss exercises. Choosing an activity you enjoy will be the most beneficial method of weight loss for you, so try these out and see which one works for you.

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