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PNB fraud: With leaders under lens, Opposition parties wary of JPC probe – informationspot

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Opposition parties and their leaders spoke at cross-purposes on Wednesday regarding strategy inside Parliament on the issue of bank frauds and whether to demand a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) probe when the Budget session resumes on March 5. The said a JPC probe would serve no purpose. It did not suggest an alternative course. Its leader, Derek O’Brien, said previous JPCs to probe financial frauds or scams did not yield results. The Left parties demanded a JPC probe, on the lines of those into the Harshad Mehta case of 1992 and the one of 2001. (CPI) leader D Raja and the (Marxist) politbureau stated the then finance ministers had deposed before both committees and then put in place corrective measures. Congress leaders have said their party was amenable to demanding a JPC probe but would try to build a consensus with other parties on the issue. Former Janata Dal (United) leader Sharad Yadav wanted a Special Investigation Team probe under a judge. Leaders of several of opposition parties are also being investigated by the (CBI) and for alleged corruption and amassing of assets disproportionate to incomes. Opposition parties will discuss what to do at strategy meetings once the Budget session resumes.

However, the and Janata Dal (Secular) had not attended the strategy meeting that (UPA) chief had called at the start of the Budget session. Opposition sources were uncertain of what the might decide.

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