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iPhone Exercise Apps – informationspot

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The iPhone has revolutionized the way we communicate with each other and how we receive information now app developers have also found a way to assist individuals with attaining their exercise goals. Below are a few apps that are helpful for tracking and guiding you in your exercise routine.

1. iFitness

-Cost: $1.99

Pros: Logs your workouts for you, it has a relatively low cost compared to other fitness apps that are out there while providing the same level of utility. Offers tips for beginners such as cardio routines, proper weight lifting forms, and proper utilize of gym equipment.

Cons: This application contains a set of pre designed workouts that may get old rather quickly. while you can design your own there are still only a few number of combinations you can choose from.

Good for users who are used to fitness magazines and flexible ways to add new exercises.

2. GymGoal ABC

-Cost: Free

Pros: The free version of this app offers over 280 different exercises and it also allows you to add your own photos of different exercise forms. It includes a variety of calculators for tracking BMI (Body Mass Index), BMR (Body Mass Ratio), and body fat percentage. It also allows you to map out your workout to maximize concentration on one area of your body.

Cons: These workouts are designed for utilize only in a gym with specified equipment, there is no wiggle room for outdoor activities such as free running. There are also few pre designed workout routines in this app.

Good for beginners of exercising who need to learn proper form.

3. LoseIt!

-Cost: Free

Pros: This app allows you to track the caloric intake each day in the form of food and how much is used during exercise. It has a fairly wide range of name brand foods you can chose from and has an accurate calorie rating for each serving on these foods. It also allows you to track your intake and set weight loss goals for the future.

Cons: Some calorie values for workouts and food intake are not always accurate for each individual. This application does not allow you to input your body weight or fat percentage for each exercise.

Good for people who like to keep records of caloric intake and tracking goals over time.

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