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Free Evo Apps – 10 Best Health and Fitness Apps For the HTC Evo – informationspot

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1. CardioTrainer

CardioTrainer is a great training buddy. It offers all of these great things: weight loss trainer, pedometer, specified work-out training, high scores, and so much more.

2. Fat Secret's Calorie Counter

This app is a dictionary full of caloric and nutritional information of all your favorite foods! This definitely comes in handy for you active calorie counters!


Think you may be getting sick? utilize PEPID's symptom checker to find out! This app also allows you to find fitness/”>health care professionals, helps you find out information on medicines, and even has a medicine dose calculator! It has all that and more!

4. Wagz

Wish you had a dog to motivate you to take that everyday walk you need? Wagz is here to aid. Wagz is a virtual dog that wants to be walked. He is sad when you do not walk him and gets happier each time you do walk him. He even reminds you when it's time to walk everyday.

5. StridePad

This app is simple. It lets you record all of your walks, and acts as a calorie counter. Short, sweet, and to the point,

6. Brain Wave Tuner Lite

Brain Wave is focused more on your mental fitness/”>health. It makes meditation so much easier. Ever just needed to relax? This app helps you. It helps you focus, tries self-hypnosis, and more.

7. Endomondo Sports Tracker

This keeps a history of all your work outs, tracks speed, time, and distance. This app is perfect for anyone whether you walk, run, or bike.

8. Nutrition Tips

Learn how to lose weight. This tells you about nutrition in foods, and how you should utilize nutrients to be healthy and in shape!

9. Buddy Runner

Buddy Runner is your basic time, distance, and pace recorder. Only simpler.

10. Food Meat Nutrition FACTS

There are so many different types of meat to eat it sees. How can you keep up with all of the nutritional information? This app is how.

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