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How To Create A Perfect App For Health And Fitness – informationspot

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One of the multiple duties a smartphone can handle, is being a fitness coach of ours. All we have to do is equip it with the necessary apps. Meanwhile we must motivate ourselves to keep fit (even, if an app motivates us, it's even better). Health & fitness mobile applications are typically divided according to the preferences of users. Some are devoted runners, some need motivation for a daily workout, some want healthy nutrition and need to keep track of calories. But what if we unite the things that our smart assistants do? Here is the picture of a unified mobile tool our devices can wield.

Exercise is a routine. The task of such application is to reduce the feeling of routine, motivate the user with feedback, and provide all the tips and information that might be required; and store it thereafter. For all the fitness/”>health-concerned, cycling fans, avid runners, yoga followers – a perfect fitness/”>health & fitness application can take on four major functions.

A Personal Coach
A highly customizable mobile coach should know everything that can be helpful to the user. These are libraries of exercises and workout programs for various muscles. A multitude of exercises should include instructions with pictures (and even streaming videos which look even better in a tablet-optimized application). Exercises can be categorized by body parts or types of sports equipment. Workouts can be either recommended by the coach, or built depending on the user's needs (eg losing weight) and physical state (eg beginner). The mobile coach has a calendar with scheduled exercises, and a timer. Every piece of data the smart coach gets from the user, allows to suggest the best training plan; as well it informs the user, what kinds of exercises lack in the workout. As an addition, there may be a real human voice to encourage for work; and a playlist made up of the music available on the device, to make exercises less monotonous.

A Diet Consultant
Create a personal diet consultant for the healthy eating habits of your users. An online-accessible food database can allow them to control their menu by calculating recommended daily calorie intake; suggest meals and recipes according to the user's statistics and diet plan. Such apps are widely used for the weight-losing purposes. The user may add variable meals to favorites, in order to reduce the time spent on notifying the whole variety of food.

A GPS-Enabled Tracker
The app can be set to track body stats and measurements. Runners and cyclists (in fact, fans of any outdoor activities, which are all about movement) can utilize the tracker / pedometer to keep record of the route, view route suggestions, length and duration, pace and speed, and certainly the calories burnt in the process. Thus the user can be informed of the achievements in keeping shape.

A Health Journal
As a part of the three previous functions, the user's fitness/”>health journal has all the measurements logged and stored inside. This journal can be viewed anytime; the user may note the weekly goals, and share results in social networks (for example, if the user participates in a specialized community – or simply to share with friends).

There's a wide choice of software products that aid people get healthier and stronger; and there will always be a demand. A mobile application is an affordable personal fitness coach; the main thing is not to overfeature, and keep the app user-friendly and simple to navigate. And one more thing: if we combine all the information required for a perfect fitness/”>health & fitness application, it'll need a noticeable memory storage; but everyone would prefer a lightweight app. Here's the answer: let the users access these depths of info online, while giving them the option of downloading the needed data to the device and accessing it offline – anyplace, anytime. By creating an application for one of the most popular sections of the application stores, you can create a unique and relevant software product that will be loved by its users.

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