Imei numbers is the unique identity of a mobile device. It can be used to track the mobile device in case of any occurrence of theft, lost or any of those forms. All device have their imei numbers written of thecan ir panels behind the battery. But can also be checked using “*#06#”. When in the wrong hand it cause a lot of damage but I believe I am helping good people. You might be wondering why are my talking about Imei numbers today well the reason is not far fetched farther than this ********Taking a bow********* ****smiles*********
What I have for you today is a program I wrote to named Valid Imei Generator v 1.2. Allow me to enumerate the features of the program as thus:

1. This program will help to generate valid Imei numbers as its name implies but exactly does it do that?
a. Example: if the imei you will like to generate is for a blackberry device, get a blackberry phone from your friend or anybody around on the phone type : “*#06#” to check the imei of that phone or better still you can just remove the battery to reveal the Imei underneath it. Assuming the screen displays or on the panel you have something like this “356879289373889 “ just copy the first ten to twelve “3568792893”numbers and add add any number to make the number fourteen.. as thus: “35687928934789” you can see that in mine I added “4789” as my chosen numbers. This is where the program comes in as it help generate the last digit of Imei which make it to be a Valid Imei. b. Checking the pictures below the last number is “7”… This is telling you that the imei you generated is valid in this format as we all known that imei number comprises of fifteen digits “356879289347897”.

Valid Imei Generator Offline

2. This program can also tell you if a Generated Imei is valid or not. How is this done?
a. After you have generated the Imei’s last digit, the need to validate if it is valid is not necessary if you are sure that your imei is fifteen numbers, Yet you may want to check for validity of any generated or externally generated (imei not generated form the software) Imei .
b. In the same entry box, just copy and paste the externally generated imei inside it and click of the “verify” button. If your generated imei is valid you get a message in green background and if not? You get your error in yellow background. c. The pictures below show the two states still using the above imei as an example. Buy Cheap Android Phones on Konga.com | Lowest Price in Nigeria
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Valid Imei Generator Offline invalid imei generated

Valid Imei Generator Offline Valid imei generated

3. The program was developed to solve the issue of going online before you can validate or generate any potential /valid Imei. It is not more than 6MB of download. As you use,  your comments will be welcomed as to help improve this program . Download this program here

4. This program was written by Olayanju Azeez Ajibola for educational purpose as illegal usage is at your own expense. Donations in kinds and cash is also welcomed.

5. Enjoy Generating your Imei as we continue to develop more on this.
Contact us via for any other inquiry of you want to develop a GUI for your software? we can help you out with Python Language.
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