I’m kinda feeling great tonight. I would be sharing what those self acclaimed gurus have been hiding from you all these years about Google. Do you search endlessly on Google without results? Do you still search without knowing the link to click on Search results? Did you know that Google do not understand question mark when searching? Do not scream yet until I finish my endless list of Google tricks.
 Intro: What is Google? Google is simply a search engine. Google is no doubt one of the most (if not the most) visited website and according to Alexa.com it is considered the No.1 website in the world (Google’s Alexa Rank). The importance of google cannot be measured, it is fast becoming a habit of almost everyone hence the term Googling as in Blogging. Personally, I do Google search more than 30 times each day and as a matter of fact if you can’t google very well then stop accessing the internet because google is the shortest meaning of the word internet. Yes! You heard me, I could remember a gurl asking me to explain what’s the meaning of internet, you know what I told her? I said, Google is Internet, simple and short! In addition, I think a subject/course called Google should be embedded into our System of Education.

1. Use of inverted commas (“) – Do you still waste your time searching for something on Google endlessly without seeing your desired results? Here’s a trick to get your search quickly, just put the words in inverted commas e.g “How To Make Your Wapka Site Appear On Google” and viola you are going to see the power of inverted comma. Infact, you will get just one result from thousands of results. Needless to say, the one you get is the best there is.
2. The use of minus sign (-) : Have you been searching for a particular word/phrase and you encountering a website you don’t want on the search results?  Simply go to the search box and input the word/phrase minus the website you don’t want to appear on the search results e.g “I need hot ice -onegist.” Look at it carefully; the minus sign must be close to the website you don’t want to appear (eliminate space on the right).
3. The use of plus sign (+): This trick works pretty much like the inverted commas. It helps to filter the best of search results – think of best ways to use the plus sign in between your phrases e.g How To Hack+2go Password. In the example, Hack and 2go are the keywords there so I used a plus sign between them. You can also use this trick to search for some topics on a website e.g How To learn anything+informationspot.info.
4. The use of asterisk (*): There are certain times you want to search for a particular phrase but you have forgotten it or maybe you can’t really get a phrase to match what you are looking for. Simply think of any keyword then add asterisk sign in front of it e.g *Programming
5. Using TLD: TLD stands for Top Level Domain e.g .net, .com, .org, .mil. With this trick you can limit your searches on a particular website or TLD. Simply go to search box and type your phrase: xyz.com or your phrase: .net. e.g How To Browse For Free: .com
1. that google displays the same search result irrespective of uppercases or lower cases – google is case insensitive.
2. that google does not make use of punctuation marks when searching except those use in some programming languages like C++, C# e.t.c 3. that you shouldn’t use question marks when searching on google. Google will provide the same result with or without question marks.  
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