After an hectic three weeks in Umudi camp, Nkwere , Imo state, I am back to continue research and updating this info dairy.. Am very sorry for the inconveniences I have caused my readers I will try my best not to keep us @ a stand still again…
The above topic is what I have for you guys. If look at it they say “a jack of all is a jack of none” but sincerely I don’t see it that way cause a jack of all doesn’t really mean you will have the power to do all or you have to do all “NO” but will do you great good to about most things.


How can you surprise people about what you know? It is very simple you have the following…
1.       A PC or mobile phone
2.       An Internet connection (wifi or data connection)
3.       Internet Download Manager (optional)
4.       Space on your hard drive
There are sites where all you have to do is just ask anything. Examples of such sites are:
1.       Google.com
2.       Ask.com
3.       Youtube.com
Etc… there are so many of this sites there to mention a few..

I have one believe or call it philosophy it is “THERE IS HARDLY ANYTHING NEW IN THIS WORLD” and also keep this in mind that “ EVERYTHING IMAGINABLE IS DOABLE” take it or leave it, that’s is the truth. Brief explanation of each of the sites mentioned above:

Google.com: If you don’t know google then it means you are still in “the land that time has forgotten” it probably not your fault…. Lolzzzzzzz… #smh. This has the biggest collection data base for almost all sites in the world. With just one click you will learn a lot. Eg. Goto to your web browser and type www.google.com when the search engine opens, type anything you which to know about in the search box I assure you will receive numerous answers and you have the chance of picking which one is best for you. No wonder Google is referred to the as the white man’s oracle.

Informationspot google.com

Ask.com: my list is not a ranking but was listed according how my hand typed.. lolzzzz… Here, it is very easy because it is specific. All you have to do is just ask your own question and person(s) that has idea(s) or the experience will answer your question(s).

informationspot ask.com

Youtube.com: This is very interesting because you get to learn anything by watching the video… you would agree with me that what you see sticks in your head.. they also say that “ seeing is believing” just go to this site type in thing you would like to know about and available videos results will be searched out. I hope you expand this in your mind and right use what you find out in the right way.

informationspot youtube.com

 As summarized as it is i hope it can be well expanded in our mind and use this information rightly.
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