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Well after surfing and longing for a new way of accessing the internet FOC (free of charge) or with lesser cost i stumbled on this trick that most guys have been selling out. I was teasing someone about it a day before yesterday he told me to bring N4000 … “lolz, i will get back to you ” i replied.

I have always wondered how the magic sim for other network would look like after the exit of MTN MAGIC SIM. Voila!! the answer i got is right below:
Why You Should Activate Glo Magic Reloaded
==>The speed is super amazing 7mb/s depending on your area
==>It works on all devices except an infected blackberry phone.
==>It opens all kinds of application both on PC and Mobile.
==>It’s unlimited download
==>Better replacement for Etisalat 3G
How Can I Activate Magic Sim Reloaded?
If you still have your glo sim in your wallet, dust it and follow the simple steps below.
1.Get two glo sim and insert the first in your modem while the second in a touch light nokia phone
2.Recharge Sim 2(the one in your phone with) #1000 naira airtime, thendial *127*53# to subscribe for this package or send 53 to 127.
3.Once you subscribe to this plan, don’t browse with it or else you kiss your money goodbye; and if you are on android please turn of your data.
4.From Sim 2 (the sim you subscribed the 1000 plan on) dial this code *127*01*the second number on your modem Sim 1# e.g *127*01*08072222222#. If this is successfully done, you will receive a success data share transfer to your sim 1.
Browse for some minutes on your sim1 and then dial this code on Sim 2 (the sim on nokia torch) *127*02*number of the sim in your modem#
It is not compulsory you use modem to do this ooo. You can share the data on Sim 2 to more than one glo sim.
You can also try this using N100 if you dont have N1000
Enjoy it while it last.

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