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Airtel Bis PLAN STILL ROCKING ON ANDROID & PC (2+1 package)

infomationspot Airtel Bis on non blackberry devices
mA lot of people have been asking me a lot of questions on how to use Airtel Blackberry internet subscription plans on Android and other blackberry devices since MTN blocked the use of their BIS on

Android phones except with the use of DroidVPN which is not very comfortable based on its data cap of 100 mb per day or the premium subscription which will cost you an additional 10 dollars ( that’s
N 1800 ). This in addition to the cost of MTN bbc BIS of N1000 gives a total of close to N 3000 just for browsing on your phone alone ? That is quite costly i must say . Not forgetting  that DroidVpn only works on Rooted Devices (android).

But that Not withstanding, there is a way out of this situation . Why not use this N 3000 in subscribing in subscribing for Airtel ‘s 2 + 1 Blackberry plan with a cap of 6 gb. This is a better bargain for me as this plan can also be used on your computer. And you can tether the connection from your android phone to your computer.
Something that is quite impossible using the MTN + DroidVPN method . So you see why i am of the opinion that Airtel 2 + 1 month BIS is a better bargain .
That said, Here are the procedures for the
subscribing and using the Airtel 6 gb 2+ 1 BIS plan on Android , PC and other non blackberry devices
First dial *440 * 016 # on your phone without having any airtime ( this is to ascertain of you are eligible for the offer)
If you get a message that you do not have enough airtime , then that means you are eligible
Load N 3000 airtime on your phone and Dial * 440 *016 # again you will get a message that your plan have been
activated .
Dial *123 * 10# to check your data bundle balance . it should be above 6000 mb .
Restart your phone and start browsing.
If after restarting your phone, you are still unable to browse, Do not panic .
Load another N 100 airtime on your phone and dial * 141 *712 * 11# ( this is to buy the airtel 10 mb one day plan which will help initiate your 6 gb subscription )
Now you are ready to browse on your android and other non blackberry devices
NB : The subscription has a cap of 6gb with a validity period of 3 months ( 90 days ). The Subscription expires when you exhaust your data cap . So data prudence is advised .
UPDATE: Though Airtel sent messages to customers saying this airtel bis will not work on android and other non blackberry devices as from 3 rd december , 2013, i can authoritatively tell you that it is still working.
Keep an eye open….. lolz

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