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Hope you all have started pinging now. But those that are yet to be activated on BBM please be patient.

What do I have today? *I wonder*

I woke up early this morning made some important calls on my phone to *****Clears throat*****. Normally I would have buzzed them on whatsapp but because I changed my SIM i.e switched from Etisalat to MTN on my symbian phone I could send or receive any whatsapp message. That has been going on for a week and a half now and it didn’t bother me that much. 

Something change this morning after I made those calls, I suddenly felt this emptiness all I could think of is my whatsapp. As I was starring at my phone looking for a way out I resulted to trying out the below steps which changed that story now I can use Whatsapp on any SIM and it will still retain the same information as the original SIM used during registration.
With this Tutorial you can even register for whatsapp messenger with another person’s SIM.

NOTE: Please Don’t Intrude another Person’s Privacy with the Knowledge from This Tutorial.

1.       Replace your SIM card with a different one , launch your whatsapp messenger
2.       You will prompted to enter your phone number “type in the number of your original SIM”
3.       Continue pressing “continue” no matter what it say but expect stuffs like restore your data e.tc.
4.        Lastly input your Screen Name
5.     You are good to go…. It will load out the same way it does on the original SIM no information will be missing including chat history, picture messages, voice messages etc.

Please !!! I repeat this tutorial is to be used to help our selves and not to be used to intrude other people’s Privacy.

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