About 5years ago i had problem with my phone (Nokia 6280). what i noticedthat day before the phone starting restarting by itself was that i downloaded a video after which i didnt finish viewing the video before it started the strange act. Back then i didnt know what to do, i just kept staring at the face of the phone hoping in mind. That was not the only thing i did “staring”? No! i started by removing the battery of the phone and fixing it back , tried to on it but after switching  it on it would continue the restarting problem it. To Cut the long story short: I went a friend of mine Taofeek and told him about it he adviced me to go a Phone Engineer. Here comes the problem. 
As if the restarting of the phone was not enough the engineer told me to pay N3000 to restore the phone back to it normal state. Woow! i looked at him and you know what? i could not laugh neither can i cry because the money on me was not even close to the amount he ask for in any way. What could i do  i was so attached to my phone that i cant even allow that day pass before i get it restored.
nokia 6280 informationspot.info
After many pleading for so long  he finally Flashed the phone for N1,500 then 5 years ago.
Since it has been in my agenda to learn how to flash phones too. I will be sharing with you a bit out of the bit i know about flashing Nokia phones and may be some other day Android phones so also refer to my previous post on how to flash blackberry phones and replace the OS in it.
 There are various methods for flashing Nokia phones or i would rather say there are various methods of re-installing Nokia
firmwares but i will only talk about how to use phoenix software to Flash your Nokia phone.

Requirement Of Flashing Nokia Phones.
1. A computer: either a laptop or a desktop

2. Internet connection: what ever plan but there are cheap browsing routes check our previous posts

3. Phoenix software: this is the Flashing software that you would have to install on your computer and you can download that here

phoenix www.informationspot.info
phoenix2 www.informationspot.info 
4. Firmware files: this can be download using “Nokia navifirm editor” (recommended) download    that too here.

nokia firmware editor www.informationspot.infonokia firmware editor2 www.informationspot.info
5. Fully charged battery of the victimized phone
6. Usb Cord: this connects the phone to the computer.
7. Datz all

Follow the below link to download the full guide on how to flash your Nokia phones with phoenix


After download please follow the procedure strictly so that you wont be sorry for your self oooo anything that happens is not my fault oooo. but if you follow the procedure correctly all will be fine i give you my words.

please share with others and always remember to visit this blog at least once a day. 


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