adobe reader logoLet us assume you are to sign an electronic document being sent to you in a pdf format or any other format that can be converted to pdf.

How will you go about it?
Well, I cant really say I know your mind because human being is irrational but I can say this that the first thought on your mind is to print the documents out, Sign it with a pen, Then finally scan it and send it back to where the signature was needed. …. KUDOs to you for your smart thinking.
But when there are easy ways of getting the Job done why go through the stress of printing the documents, sign, and scan when there alternatives around you.
few online pdf signers but I will be sharing the sign document feature embedded in Adobe reader.

Almost all of us must have notice the Sign in the adobe reader but have never tried it out I think you better start using it to ease your stress.
How do we go about signing the Pdf documents needed to be signed without any stress.


1.  If you don’t have an adobe reader I advise you to download here http://get.adobe.com/reader/
2.     Install and launch the reader.
3. Open the document needed to be signed provided it is in pdf format if not follow this link to learn how to convert your files to pdf format.
4. On the top right corner of the adobe reader you will see the following:
a.       Tools, Sign, and Comments
b.      Click on “Sign” > I need to sign > place signature
5.       After clicking on “place signature” it will the below picture
Chose the format you want to use sign either by :
signature step
a.       Typing your name as signature and changing the font

write your name as siganture

b.       If you have a photographic eyeball that does not dazzle you can go ahead and use the pencil feature there.

draw your signature

c.      Either by signing on a plain paper and using your webcam, phone, camera to capture or scan the plain paper and locate it when by clicking on browse select the scanned signature and click on Accept.

insert image

So sure, the above methods aren’t perfectly secure — but neither are printing something, scribbling over it with a pen, and then scanning it again. At least this is faster!

You can now save your PDF file using the standard Save option under the File menu. This will create a new PDF file with the same name as the original PDF, but with -signed at the end. Of course, you can name the new PDF anything you like.
Adobe will prompt you to use Adobe EchoSign to send your signed document, but you can just decline this offer to continue.
By the time you would have finished the procedure above you would have gotten your document signed….

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