After you read this post you with find out how to use your idm forever.
Presently the latest internet download manager on idm site is idm6.17 the trial period is 30days after which it wont work again. if you try to download after it has expired it would refer you to the idm since it is integrated into your browsers. So temporarily you cant download until you uninstall the idm which u will be left with the browser downloader. But I stumbled upon an internet download manager 7.1 wish I have been using for the past 4 months. Here it is I am recommending it to you because it has the following
1.       You can only use the paid version of the idm v6.17 freely which will need constant updates but the idm 7.1 does not
requires any update.
internet download manager
screen shot of idm 7.1

2.       The Idm 7.1 is free to download and to use forever, other versions from idm sites are also free but are to limited to 30days  of trial.
I will assume we are not new to using idm since it is a popular file downloader that downloads from various sites e.g  youtube, mediafire, 4shared, and many more online storage sites. Just download and use.
I soon post on how to download from secure sites (i.e sites that requires logins <username> and <password>


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