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How to Use the Audio Feature of Adobe Reader

The audio feature of Adobe Reader works for version 6 and later. If you have a version earlier than 6, you will need to update your software before you can use the audio feature. You can download a free update at AdobeReader. Adobe Reader will only read documents in PDF format, usually created using Adobe Acrobat or Text converted to pdf. Adobe wont read pictures oooooooo < lolz>
To Activate Audio
1. Click File in the top menu bar.
2. Click Open from the drop-down menu.
3. Select the file you want to open. Your document will appear on the page.
4. Click View in the top menu bar. (See figure 1)
5. Click Read Out Loud.
6. Click Activate Read Out Loud.
7. Click View, then Read Out Loud again. Select “Read This Page Only” or “Read  to End of Document”. Adobe Reader will read the document.
8. To pause or stop reading, click View, then “Read Out Loud” and select Pause or

 figure 1
To Change the Voice or the Speed of the Voice
1. Click Edit in the top menu bar.
2. Click Preferences at the bottom of the drop-down menu.
3. Select Reading in the list on the left side of the screen. (See the figure 2.)
4. In the Read Out Loud Options section, click the down arrow next to the box marked Voice. Select the voice you would like to use. Click OK. Mary or Mike is recommended. 
5. You can change the speed, pitch, and volume from the Preferences Reading Menu in the Read Aloud Now Options box. Pitch and Volume adjustments are labeled
as such. Speed is labeled Words per Minute with range of (150-650 per minute). 
Figure 2
Keyboard Commands
Here are shortcut key combinations for some of the commands described in this document.  
 o   Activate “Read Out Loud” – Control+Shift+Y
 o   Read the current page – Control+Shift+V
 o   Read to the end of the document – Control+Shift+B
 o   Pause – Control+Shift+C 
   o   Stop – Control+Shift+E




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