Windows 8 is an upgraded package of windows 7 and it provides much more features than windows 7. It sucks less than provide better RAM and Processor use.
1.    The first most noticeable advantage is that it’s cheaper. You’ll also have greater compatibility with new software moving forward (though I doubt that’ll be an issue for a while). It’s got the Windows Store.
2.    The colours are a bit more customizable, it’s got better touchscreen support (if that’s an issue for you).
3.    Windows 8 has more efficient memory usage and the performance benchmark is also better.
4.    Windows 8 is optimized for touch devices (you will see larger buttons that works fine with fingers).
5.    Performance in windows 8 is improved specially the boot takes less time that a windows 7 pc.
6.    Security is improved (According to Microsoft this is the most secure version of windows ever).
7.    Windows 8 comes with basic utilities pre installed (mail, skydrive, people)
And the interface is also good for me (Although lots of people like the old style computer).

8.    It may take up your computer without drivers(very rarely needed). U get the compatible drivers in-built and of suitable performance. It also much quickly installs device drivers when u plug them in for first time.

9. Faster Booting: win 8 installing can be done in 12-17 mins, win 7 is 23-30 mins, win xp is 35-40 mins.

With what i have enumerated, i hope u have a better understanding of windows 8 has you install it.

     My next post will be on how install windows 8 by yourself without having to pay to any engineer. After which you can also make money buy installing it for people.

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